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See deeply in order to better photograph; photograph in order to see more deeply. -JNV dates are upload dates

Dawn spotlights the massif

One of my favorite photos.

Torres del Paine in a mirror pond

Driving by to our left, we spotted this calm pond and knew a reflection would be available. Sometimes you don't see the scene at the outset, but your imagination tells you it is there. I used a 35mm lens and set the aperture for maximum depth of field [the close-by grasses and rocks as well as the mountains are in sharp focus]

Chilean Flamingos (or am I seeing double?)

...and ducks; did you spot them? Pay attention.

The Paine Massif

Another vantage, time, cloud formation, lake/pond surface. Mountains are like people... at first glance it's "just" another person, another mountain scene, until you observe the details that make the scene distinct: color, shape, form, texture,... When we can do that, we are learning to really see.

Black-necked swan

The newborns are completely tan. [Official name: Cynus melancorypha; now you know why they are called black-necked]

Footbridge to our island hotel on Lago Grey

Tough subject to track

We were photographing Flamingos in a pond when this guy flew by; gotta be ready!

Sun and atmosphere color the snow

Guanaco [Lama]; quite common

Grazing Guanaco Gobbles Grass, Gulping

Photo through window

From island hotel's restaurant; imagine eating meals with this view?

View 1384

'1384' = my file numbers, in case I need to edit...

Long-Tailed Meadoxwlark Posing for us

This shot was easy! The bird was close by the trail, and visited us for 3-4 minutes; 145mmx1.5 = 207mm, 1/400 @f/10

Guanaco (Lama) below the Massif

A Caracara

I believe this is specifically a Southern Crested Caracara; I can't stop recording their antics.

Another time....another. view

Goodbye. ...Or hello.

Last light or first?

Answer: Last.

View from my room on Lago Grey

At the far end, Grey Glacier, at the near end a beached iceberg broken off (calved) from the glacier. Occasionally, one sees an iceberg broken off from the bottom, formed during the ice age. [My Arctic album has photos of one of these ice-age "sculptures"]

Caracara in a tree

a study in gold. Technical stuff: lens = 450mm hand-held, 1/400 sec; ISO 100, f/5.6

Tree and statue in Punta Arenas

Darwin's Rhea

No, it's not his pet, but he named it :-)

A Patagonian Grey Fox, just as he saw

70x1.5= 105mm lens, 1/400 sec.

He wished to go behind me...

My 6 million dollar camera auto focussed on the flowers!

We eye one another


Loo.)ks close by but I used a 450mm lens (at 1/400 sec

Statue #1

At a hotel in Puntas Arenas, the southernmost city

Statue #2

Statue #3

These photos are presented here, like the real display, as dark and moody.

Southern Crested Caracara

Follow the leader. Or lead the follower.

Why not just call them 'Cara'?

A Caracara named "Kara."

Posing on a pole

I am not sure what this bird is. I have searched thousands of images on-line. If you know, email me at info@VedderImaging.com 300mmx1.5=450mm, 1/1250 @ f/6.3

This/these Caracara were quite unafraid of us humans...and vice versa.

Subtle ice patterns

almost like lace

Mountain View 1510

217mm lens focal length. Should have used 218 :-)

Calved iceberg in Lago (Lake) Grey

This 'berg drifted from the glacier at north end of Grey Lake, and "beached" here at south end. 300mm.


345mm f/5.3, ISO 400, 1/400

Range at different time of day

The Paine Massif at sunrise

We left in our van in total darkness (and without breakfast), again set-up in the dark (some of us wore weak-beamed headlamps, which are turned off before shooting begins)

Marked for shearing

Thousands of sheep crossed the roadway, stopping our van...

Gaucho with flock

Shepherd and flock

Guanacos #1537

["1537"is a shot number that helps me locate a particular photo to edit, replace, etc...] It is not the 1,517th Guanaco I've seen.

Drive a group of horses to another

Wherever animals are kept, there's usually work from dawn to dusk. this is pre-dusk work, followed by feeding and brushing down... Photo taken on iPhone as I walked to dinner.

Mountain Top 1592 #2


What would be your title?

Mountain Wall 1558

Mountain 1583


View from my room on Lago Grey

[Lago Grey = Grey Lake]

Change of vantage


When a male Guanacos is rejected or otherwise unsuccessful n breeding, he is an outcast, a 'loner" who acts as a lookout for the herd. I am not saying that this particular animal plays such a role, but it is common sight, and our guides explained.... 450mm, 1/1000s

Mountain Top 1591


Mountain Top 1592 a bit closer

390mm lens vs 210mm

Let's go over there.

Do they appreciate the beauty of the Massif? I think only the grasses, Appreciation of beauty is one thing that makes us human.

A view of the Torres del Paine

Meaning "Towers of Blue"

Mountain tops

#1611, 255mm

Guanaco next to interesting rock formation

270 mm lens (180 mm but on crop-sensor camera);

Rock Formations 1637, Torres del Paine

Rock Formations 1640, Torres del Paine

Andean Condors

(Vulture Gryphus) captured overhead in pattern. Quite a rare shot. Birds in flight are most difficult- to track, to focus, to expose correctly against the sky. I practiced at home on... moving car headlights. This shot: a 450mm lens [300 on crop-sensor camera], 1/1600 sec @f/9] Actually, 300mm lens and a stiff neck


Turned 180 degrees to form an abstract image,

Another view of the same range

If we change our vantage or the sun moves a bit or the clouds shift, or it's another day.... then the light. changes and the shadows change and... it becomes a different place!

unusual cloud

a paira Caracara

These two joined our roadside/ lakeside/ woods/ side picnic


Hard to track; AND to have correct camera serttings; bright blue sky, dull black bird... flying in uneven motion; while standing on uneven ground; while hungry.... 160mm focal length

Andean Condor

Wingspan 10 feet; a little scary; this Condor was fairly close to the ground; 277mm, 1/2500 sec @f/4.8

A lens on the world

A habit with iPhone in restaurants

Clouds. steam, smoke or snow?

Blowing clouds and snow mixed together

Rock Formations 1680, Torres del Paine

Rock Formations 1681, Torres del Paine

Nooks and Crannies

What ARE nooks and crannies? We often photograph in black and white because then we see better the texture, form, ...etc of the subject.

A kiss of light

Black and white reveals texture and form best

Dawn greets the mist of a waterfall

Better here than sleeping in !

Talk about texture!

Dawn and dusk are the best times to shoot, by far! I hope that you enjoyed these photos of southern Chile.




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Patagonia, Torres del Paine

"Torres del Paine" in Spanish is the name of the National Park and also of mountain towers within this range of the Andes.


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