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The Beauty of Ruby Beach, WA

Low tide; be careful.

Mountains Converge

Endicott Fjord, Alaska

A Walk On the Beach

Rialto Beach, WA

Rock Formation

Endicott Fjord, Alaska

Volcano Peak

Near Endicott Fjord, Alaska

View from a Bus Window in Western Canada

Rock Faces near Ketchikan, Alaska

A Walk in the Pacific Ocean

Mountains and Icebergs

Along the Alaskan Coast

Glacier Meets Rock

In the Endicott Fjord, Alaska

God is Watching 3

Various cloud formation types revealed. Camera facing South, sun setting to our right view from side of Pleasant Valley facing San Juan Mountains in Colorado; Solstice, June 20, 2016. I do not expect to ever see its equal.

Black Forest Frost

Say that three times fast! On this day, (Nov 7, 2016). the Black Forest was white! Taken near Colmar, Germany.

Abstract Rock Face

Yosemite, NP 2011

Barn on Gorham Rd

Elbridge, NY

Beautiful Shortcut

Girls taking shortcut through Flowers, Rabat Morocco. Do they take them for granted? I hope not.

Briggs Trail

Our farm is just to the right of this driveway. So we see the seasons' constant changes. How lucky!

Cloud Panorama

Sometimes you cannot fit it all into a single frame.


Film # 107-22; Scanned film at low resolution by mistake. Will re-do.

Elephant in Taita Hills, Kenya

In the 1970s when this film shot was taken, things were a lot more primitive than today!

Falls near Highland, NC.

People can walk behind the falls here; if you look closely you can see them.

Garden in Quebec City Zoo

Gnarly Tree in Winter

I "met" this tree on a steep hillside while being shown the site of a future cabin. A few years later, in 2012, I stayed in the cabin, went onto the porch outside and, there was the gnarly tree!

Half Dome

Telephoto from very far away. The granite crest of the dome rises 4,737 ft above the valley floor!

Hanging Boulder

At The Zoo, Syracuse, NY: hard rocks, soft water.

Hangman's House

.... at the crossroads. Behind the fortress in Salzburg, Austria. Captured on 35mm film using a 440 mm telephoto in the late 1970s.

Johnson Lake, Canada

How's THAT for depth of field?

Lake Louise, Canada

Total quiet, total peace.

Lake Moraine, Canada

In the rain - beautiful

Lighting at 2 O'Clock

"Lighting at 2 O'Clock." No, not the time 2 o'clock, but the direction 2 o'clock (with 12 meaning light coming from straight ahead). So the foliage is slighlty back-lit. Beautiful, yet few people seem to notice.

Mansion on Isle of Wite

Off the coast of southern England

Mount Sneffels above the clouds

This scene, here shown via zoom* lens, is seen each morning from a cabin near Ridgway, Colorado. Yet, it's never the same scene twice. I have been lucky to stay a guest at this cabin; no two photos are ever the same! *

Natural Textures

Wolf Run, NC, 2006

Ox Team Near Chiang Mai

In Northern Thailand

Placid Dock

Lake Placid, NY, on January 1 2015

Rain in the Valley

Reflections in our creek.

Rock in Mirror Lake on Tenaya Creek

"Discovered" while hiking, which is a main reason for hiking!

Rural Supermarket

On the Road from Fez to Meknes, Morocco

Schonbuhel Castle

Schonbuhel Castle is at Wauchau Valley (actually on the Danube River), Austria. At that moment, the lit-up castle contrasted against the dark clouds.

Snow Drift 2048

A snow Drift outside our kitchen window, a snowy January, 2009

Sunset Color 9:27 Getting Better

Two and one half minutes before peak sunset color, but we did not know it at the time. You cannot "predict" a sunset's color! What you can do is wait and watch and,take what Nature gives. June 20, 2016, Juan Mts. Colorad

Sunset Over The San Juans, CO 9:29

Two minutes before and two minutes later, the color was almost gone, as the setting sun shown under the clouds from our right onto rain sheets over the San Juan Range. That's Mt Sneffels in the middle. Timing is everything. A stunning scene I was lucky to witness !!!

Taughonnack Falls

This fall is about 30 minutes north of Ithaca, New York. Notice the contrast of hard rock and soft water. Yet, the soft water has carved a long channel through this rock.

Tay River, Perthshire

Scotland, where my maternal grandfather's roots were, ...my roots. A different feeling being in that place. Original photo on film, scanned to digital.

Textures 495

Textures! Rock, Bark and needles.

Thnomsen Gazelle, Kenya

Lucky telephoto - they are very skittish!

Tunisian Shepherd

As I approached this shepherd, he waved his arms wildly. I thought he must want me away from his flock. Turned out there are Roman underground caverns all around the field with small vent holes that one can easily fall into. I thanked him, showed him photos of my family and we were friends. Neither spoke the others language.

Tunnel View at Yosemite

Photo taken lower, towards valley, in order to capture some trees in foreground.

Twisted Tree

Twisted Tree best viewed within a short time after sunrise... the only time of day that the lighting is perfect.

View from the Citadelle

Cap Hatien, Haiti. One had to ride up a treacherous trail on a donkey's back to get here... as the rains approached.

Water Bearers in Mali

They walk to and from their home and the nearest non-dry well... the water jugs balanced on their heads. Try it.

Yosemite Tunnel View

My first visit to Yosemite, 2011. What a thrill!

Early Breakfast

On a back road in Colorado, just as the sun rose.

Calm Day in Maine

Both our ship and theirs had trouble making way... Photographers: like that depth-of- field?

Life's A Beach

Cape Cod. Mass

Schooner in early mists of day

Evening Cloud Over Budapest

Tons of water, suspended in droplets, showing off for us!

Lighthouse , Maine

Lake Moraine, Canada

Deep depth of Field captured the yellow flowers anad roakcs plus eh distant mountain wedge.It was raining, but who noticed?

Varied Terrain in Colorado

We've only got to cross those mountains

Solstace Sunset

June 20, 2016, San Juan Mts. Colorado

House on Isle of Wite

Just off the southern coast of England

A barn on Gorham Rd

A quite large dairy farm two miles from our quite small feed farm.

Path through rain forest #1, New Zealand

You're in another world. This shows that the photographer, in the end, captures light. [And, that light is constantly changing

Mood Indigo

Good spot for a homestead

Lord of the Rings?

Surf backlit by setting sun

Is there a place more beautiful? No.

Famed Wanaka Tree

A Quotation from: www.stuff.co.nz/travel/news... : "The tree started life as a fence post at least 77 years ago.

Wanaka artist and writer Gwenda Rowlands, 85, is a keeper of local history and remembers the fence line from 1939, when she first visited it in a little dinghy her father built for her and her older brother.

She has watched it evolve from a "hacked off branch from nearby willows" to a symbol of determination.

"It was 1939 I remember it growing there and that is not yesterday."

Between Haast and Wanaka

Hard to find a more beautiful place than New Zealand... and it never stops!

New Zealand's Southern Alps

New Zealand Summary: pastureland, mountains, water, and... sheep

The symmetry of a former gold mine.

Patagonia, Torres del Paine

"Torres del Paine" in Spanish is the name of the National Park and also of mountain towers within this range of the Andes.


Arctic photos from Svalbard, Norway and north to 82 degrees, Aug-Sep 2018

Images for Essays

images, slides to insert into essays

Fine Art, Doges Palace, Venice

I arose early on a November morning to be first in line; I wanted the forms and textures of he arches and columns without tourists in the frame. Doges were nominated by the City Council to govern Venice.

Artwork by Hand Helps us See

A few sketches, drawings, paintings to help us see for photography


Selected photos from Philippines, Thailand, Japan, etc.


Mostly flowers and small animals


Light and Lighting

Guest Artists

The woman’s eyes blend into the dark around her. The artist is “photographer Sebastion Unrau,... Deutschland.” He started in 2015! Nicole S is a young woman not afraid to experimebnt and

Black and White

Images that emphasize texture, form etc.


Images of Africa, Asia, and Europe


The Shared Beauty of Nature


Images from Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Tunisia and other African countries.