James Vedder Imaging

See deeply in order to better photograph; photograph in order to see more deeply. -JNV dates are upload dates

End Wood

The angle of the sun was uniquely perfect! Is that a tiger cub at lower right?...

Pigeon in Courtyard

Budapest, 2006. Today's lesson: If you hold the camera level, the vertical lines of the building will not converge.

Chain on Wood

Lighting at 2 O'Clock

"Lighting at 2 O'Clock." No, not the time 2 o'clock, but the direction 2 o'clock (with 12 meaning light coming from straight ahead). So the foliage is slighlty back-lit. Beautiful, yet few people seem to notice.

Placid Dock

Lake Placid, NY, on January 1 2015

Taughonnack Falls

This fall is about 30 minutes north of Ithaca, New York. Notice the contrast of hard rock and soft water. Yet, the soft water has carved a long channel through this rock.

Arches in ruins at Cap Hatien, Haiti.

Even "ruins" can be beautiful.

Textures 495

Textures! Rock, Bark and needles.

Vault in a Store

Store in Maine is in an old bank site, has an in-vault show area!

Church Lobby, Bell Rope

Plymouth Church Lobby. I was fascinated by the bell rope. side lighting...

Abstract Treeline Silhouette

Layering of Tree Silhouette onto textured background.

Favorite Cabin, Favorite Place

This cabin is about 8.000 ft in elevation in the Mountains of Colorado. My favorite place of all.

Man Under Stair

Man Under Stair was taken in Honfleur, France, on film, in 1984

Snow Drift 2048

A snow Drift outside our kitchen window, a snowy January, 2009

Translucent Flowers

Setup for photo: flowers suspended on water in a baking dish placed on top of a light table. See also color version.

Old Window - Black & White

Williamstown, Mass captured on film

Barn Shadows

Film: Shapes, patterns, textures, materials, functions, .... at that time of day...

Reflections on Night Stand at Dawn

Taken with iPad Mini at 5 AM

Rock & Tree in Central Park

Black and white and not much in between!

Ghost Branch

White on white in Winter... impossible!

Jellyfish 2944

Quebec City, 2014

Gnarly Tree in Winter

I "met" this tree on a steep hillside while being shown the site of a future cabin. A few years later, in 2012, I stayed in the cabin, went onto the porch outside and, there was the gnarly tree!

Abstract Rock Face

Yosemite, NP 2011

Cat on a Stair, Chiang Mai, Thailand

In northern Thailand; I rode a wood-burning train to get there. Look at those textures: stucco, fur, wood, metal, etc etc. AND the cat, cleaning her fir on the stair landing.

House in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In northern Thailand; I rode a wood-burning train to get there. Look at those textures: stucco, fur, wood, metal, etc etc.

Rock in Mirror Lake on Tenaya Creek

"Discovered" while hiking, which is a main reason for hiking!

Gnarly Tree 3

Same tree, years later (2016)

Schattenberg Castle

Austria; What's around the corner?


Fine art Photo, Doge's Palace, Venice, Italy 2016; "Fine Art Photo" means great care taken in capturing and processing the image for fine detail....

Detail of Arches #1

Detail of fine art Photo, Doge's Palace, Venice, Italy 2016

Arches "#2"

Fine art Photo, Doge's Palace, Venice, Italy 2016

Budapest Turrets

Tower Stairs Up

Camden, ME

Tower Stairs down

Camden, ME

Keepin' Cool

NYC 2015


Cloud Formation

Over Budapest, 2006


In Yosemite NP, May 2011

Alcove in Courtyard

Regensberg, Germany, 2006

Tree Silhouette

Carol and I were walking on Kingston Rd near our farm when we saw this scene. Always carry a camera!

Small Door to barn

Latch on small door to our barn; love the weathering.


Heidelberg Castle

Imagine living in 1214 and being a worker building such a castle? Amazing.astle

Yosemite Textures

The vision of the textures is always changing with the light. Never exactly the same.

Clouds. steam, smoke or snow?

Blowing clouds and snow mixed together

Nooks and Crannies

What ARE nooks and crannies? We often photograph in black and white because then we see better the texture, form, ...etc of the subject.

A kiss of light

Black and white reveals texture and form best




Begin Patagonia, a. region of southern South America, in these photos, Chile



Patagonia, Torres del Paine

"Torres del Paine" in Spanish is the name of the National Park and also of mountain towers within this range of the Andes.


Arctic photos from Svalbard, Norway and north to 82 degrees, Aug-Sep 2018

Images for Essays

images, slides to insert into essays

Fine Art, Doges Palace, Venice

I arose early on a November morning to be first in line; I wanted the forms and textures of he arches and columns without tourists in the frame. Doges were nominated by the City Council to govern Venice.

Artwork by Hand Helps us See

A few sketches, drawings, paintings to help us see for photography


Selected photos from Philippines, Thailand, Japan, etc.


Mostly flowers and small animals


Light and Lighting

Guest Artists

The woman’s eyes blend into the dark around her. The artist is “photographer Sebastion Unrau,... Deutschland.” He started in 2015! Nicole S is a young woman not afraid to experimebnt and

Black and White

Images that emphasize texture, form etc.


Images of Africa, Asia, and Europe


The Shared Beauty of Nature


Images from Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Tunisia and other African countries.