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See deeply in order to better photograph; photograph in order to see more deeply. -JNV dates are upload dates

Along the Seine near Vernon

There is much beauty along rivers between the towns.

A Monet Pond at Givern

Monet's Lily Pond

An Elegant Entrance





Wine, anyone?




More to follow in a few days

Countryside between Lyon & Paris

At 200mph on the high speed TGV train between Lyon and Paris (actually nearby St Germain-en-Laye)

Church in Les Andelys

Someone rotate me!

Les Andelys

Les Andelys

Les Andelys

Part of Van Gogh Light show

Temporarily Van Gogh; in the hamlet of Les Beaux in the countryside of Provencal is a huge building set in a former quarrh

Docked near Vernon

On the Seine near Vernon


under a (symmetrical) bridge

Rouen H'orlogue

Church at 200 MPH

Photo taken on the high speed TGV train between Lyon and Paris (actually a suburb, St. Germaine-en-Laye) which does about 200 MPH. But with relativity, we can say my camera in the train window was standing still, while the church etc went past at 200 MPH. The defense rests.

Les Andelys

Lyon Tower

At Place Antonin Poncet

An Alley in Perouges

A simply delightful town!!

Patagonia, Torres del Paine

"Torres del Paine" in Spanish is the name of the National Park and also of mountain towers within this range of the Andes.


Arctic photos from Svalbard, Norway and north to 82 degrees, Aug-Sep 2018

Images for Essays

images, slides to insert into essays

Fine Art, Doges Palace, Venice

I arose early on a November morning to be first in line; I wanted the forms and textures of he arches and columns without tourists in the frame. Doges were nominated by the City Council to govern Venice.

Artwork by Hand Helps us See

A few sketches, drawings, paintings to help us see for photography


Selected photos from Philippines, Thailand, Japan, etc.


Mostly flowers and small animals


Light and Lighting

Guest Artists

The woman’s eyes blend into the dark around her. The artist is “photographer Sebastion Unrau,... Deutschland.” He started in 2015! Nicole S is a young woman not afraid to experimebnt and

Black and White

Images that emphasize texture, form etc.


Images of Africa, Asia, and Europe


The Shared Beauty of Nature


Images from Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Tunisia and other African countries.