James Vedder Imaging

See deeply in order to better photograph; photograph in order to see more deeply. -JNV dates are upload dates

Arches sequence 1

Courtyard Columns, Doges Palace, Venice

Exterior Doorway 1, Venice

Outer Doorway, Doge's Palace, Venice

Wet Doorway

On a Canal in Venice. I see two eyes and a nose; do you?

Detail, Arches sequence 1

Incredible what you see if you look. [Sounds like a Yogi Berra quote]. Fine and subtle detail within massive architecture.

Keeping Watch

Figure, as seen through arch in Doge's Palace, Venice


I painted this for my daughter, using no "model." often it is more fun not to copy a scene but to just make one.

Doorway 2 in Doge's Palace, Venice'

Water access to our right, down a couple of steps to the canal.

Dock Scene, 1984

Sketch made in London, but subject was in a book, I think

Hand drawn copy of Maggiore Early Morning

I'm trying to get back into drawing ..


Images from Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Tunisia and other African countries.


The Shared Beauty of Nature


Images of Africa, Asia, and Europe

Black and White

Images that emphasize texture, form etc.

Guest Artists

The woman’s eyes blend into the dark around her. The artist is “photographer Sebastion Unrau,... Deutschland.” He started in 2015! Nicole S is a young woman not afraid to experimebnt and


Light and Lighting


Mostly flowers and small animals


Selected photos from Philippines, Thailand, Japan, etc.

Artwork by Hand Helps us See

A few sketches, drawings, paintings to help us see for photography

Images for Essays

images, slides to insert into essays


Arctic photos from Svalbard, Norway and north to 82 degrees, Aug-Sep 2018