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See deeply in order to better photograph; photograph in order to see more deeply. -JNV dates are upload dates

Sunrise west of Lajitas, Texas

Tough photo: dim morning light, lots of shade, getting brighter towards the top = "high dynamic range"; my Nikon D850 has high DR :-} --Notice the moon?

Olde wagon Lajitas golf resort, TX

Glad they left it there for us to see.

View of Lajitas Golf resort, Lajitas, Texas

Course designed by Lanny Watkins. We did not play...too busy taking photos!

Sunset 6,968; TX

Like fingerprints - no two alike. Might have been 6,969.

From cactus to mountain

My Nikon was set on a tripod for another shot. As I waited for the light to improve, I noticed this scene with great depth of field (objects of interest both near and far). So I grabbed my ever-present iPhone 7 for this shot. (Shhh, shhhh!)

Sunrise attached Big Bend TX

Rising sun reveals rock textures and colors near Big Bend, Texas.

Moon on the rocks

It was fairly dark. If I set my exposure for the moon, the rocks below would have been near black. So I exposed for the rocks, but the price paid was a "washed out" moon (no surface features visible.). Decisions, decisions.

Big Sky!

No, not Montanaa; Texas, just west of Lajitas

What are these people doing??

It is actually darker than appears here... I "opened up the camera" that is, lengthened the exposure; it was before dawn and we wanted to capture the sunrise hitting the tops of the rocks. And, we had to pack equipment, drive and walk to the site. In the dark. How many people DO that? Answer: 10 including me.

The Border

Across the Rio Grande lies Mexico.(to the left and top)

Olde Wagon - closer view

Stairway to Heaven?

No, to my room in Lajitas.

Old wood construction really has personality

Lajitas resort, iPhone 7

ET Rock

That's my name for it; don't know if it has an official name. Bryce NP, Utah.

January Dawn in Bryce Canhyon, Utah

And, very few tourists!

Layers of distance

Differences in rock materials...

Dawn's early light

Colors, shapes, placement of background shadows, color..., mood, all these change as dawn progresses. In a few minutes a different shot. Yet some visitors sleep in!"

Lit from the Left

Ice fishing in Southeastern Utah

The hardest working fishermen. Hardest working fishermen

When you are at work you may daydream about ice fishing, but when ice fishing, you never daydream about being at work.

Lots of memories, lots of character

Tan and grey

Did you spot the blue?

The Art Garfunkle Bush

(only kidding)

Bull, looking at shade...and fence

Me looking at bull, lightweight fence, big boulders... and estimating our running speeds..

One of Nature's Cathedrals

Where? CO, UT, TX...?

Answer: TX

Hoodoos light and dark

Closer view




A frosty morning in Ridgway

Milky Way - WOW!

Exposure starting point for 35mm camera is: Lens wide open (lowest f), time = 500/(mm of lens). So 20mm lens, about 500/20= 25 sec. I added 2 second of pen-light to the nearby tree so it would show, and 5 sec to exposure to reveal fainter stars. Tell no one my secrets!

San Juan range at dusk

Facing south; the San Juan's run East-West (or maybe it's West-East I can never remember which)

A road less travelled

Pleasant Valley, Colorado

Many shades of tan

Old ranch building west-central Colorado

Sleepy sheared sheep sleeping shaded by the shearing shed

See them?

A moment's reflection. (Co.)

Golden setting - we looked at one another

Soft water, hard rock. Water wins

Nature as Sculptor

Friendship to the left and and couldn't care less

Grazing West-Central Colorado

Do they appreciate the view? just the grass

View near Telluride, Colorado

Photo taken from a gondola coming down the mountain.

Mt. Sneffels- 14,000 ft

Photo taken across the valley at 8,500 ft.

A string of trees in Pleasant Valley, Colorado

A fixer-upper near Ridgway, CO.

Olde Woode

Church at the ghost town in Terlingua, Texas

Inside out - 1

Church at the ghost town in Terlingua, Texas

Inside-out 2

Church at the ghost town in Terlingua, Texas

Inside out-3

Church at the ghost town in Terlingua, Texas

Inside out 4

Church at the ghost town in Terlingua, Texas

Inside out 5

Church at the ghost town in Terlingua, Texas

View from inside an abandoned desert house

Church in Marfa, Texas

What mistake did I make in this photo? I tilted my wide-angle lens upward to include the church's steeple.... and made the church "lean over backwards." Should I have pointed straight and cut off the steeple? Or gone farther back? [Tiny church] Or photographed something else? My head hurts.

Downtown Marfa, Texas

Downtown Alpine, Texas.

Alpine was named for its mountains. [That was a joke.] No joke: Alpine has 42 art /photography galleries. I met a well-published photographer here, Jim Bones. We traded books, photos and info... I like little towns; you miss things if you only go to cities.

Church in Alpine, Texas

Agave Americana

Sharp! [The cactus and the photo both]


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