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    Images from Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Tunisia and other African countries.
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A Backstreet in Meknes, Morocco

Children on Steps 1

Rabat, Morocco. Kids everywhere are cute!

Elephant in Taita Hills, Kenya

In the 1970s when this film shot was taken, things were a lot more primitive than today!

Fez Workman

Using the tools of 700 years ago.

Giraffes in Tanzania

Giroffe Reaching DOWN

Now the long neck is NOT an advantage!

In the Medina

You are immediately back to the year 1300. This captured on Ektachrome film in the late 1970s. I do not know how it is today. 1300? 2000? 1650?

Kids on the Steps 2

Rabat, Morocco

Lady Using Street Fountain in Rabat, Morocco

Rabat, Morocco

Man at Chouwara, Morocco

Masai Family

In Kenya

Rural Supermarket

On the Road from Fez to Meknes, Morocco

Souk in Rabat, Morocco

Street Scene in Fez

Tannery Chouwara, Fez, Morocco

In the Medina, a most striking place. But wear a clothes-pin on your nose! Taken with Ektachrome film 40 years ago! [Stored in the dark that whole time].

Thnomsen Gazelle, Kenya

Lucky telephoto - they are very skittish!

Tunisian Shepherd

As I approached this shepherd, he waved his arms wildly. I thought he must want me away from his flock. Turned out there are Roman underground caverns all around the field with small vent holes that one can easily fall into. I thanked him, showed him photos of my family and we were friends. Neither spoke the others language.

Water Bearers in Mali

They walk to and from their home and the nearest non-dry well... the water jugs balanced on their heads. Try it.

Where I Slept

I worked for USAID on a health care project in north central Mali, along side a Peace Corps physician. He was given the hut (seen to the right), but it was too hot. So, we slept outdoors at this spot, awakened at dawn by flies and a rooster.


Images from Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Tunisia and other African countries.


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