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See deeply in order to better photograph; photograph in order to see more deeply. -JNV dates are upload dates

Abstract....what? What IS it?

Gondola Bows!! Mostly, we see the whole object. But there are many component patterns!

Varied Terrain in Colorado

We've only got to cross those mountains

Loneliness Together

If they had met one another on a lonely trek across desert or mountain, they'd be hugging!

Melk Srpiral

My wife and I were on a guided tour of the Benedictine Abby in Melk, Austiria. As the group passed a spiral stairway, I looked up and saw this design. quick snap, 1/8 sec, hand held. Very Lucky.

Evening Cloud Over Budapest

Tons of water, suspended in droplets, showing off for us!

Swimming in the Sky

Above the surface... all calm and floating; beneath the surface, all churning and agitation...like some people.

Where I Slept

I worked for USAID on a health care project in north central Mali, along side a Peace Corps physician. He was given the hut (seen to the right), but it was too hot. So, we slept outdoors at this spot, awakened at dawn by flies and a rooster.

Tay River, Perthshire

Scotland, where my maternal grandfather's roots were, ...my roots. A different feeling being in that place. Original photo on film, scanned to digital.

Red Square1

Scenes in Moscow Red Square in the Rain

St Basil & Kremlin

Scenes in Moscow - Red Square

Mansion on Isle of Wite

Off the coast of southern England

House on Isle of Wite

Just off the southern coast of England


You feel the history; Sir Isaac Newton...

View From St James Park, London

I lived near St James for 5 months, saw this every day! Wow!

St Mark's, Venice, at dawn in the rain

I left my hotel almost an hour before sunrise, expecting to see no one. Instead, there were photographers and their tripods scattered all around.

Mini-Garden in Town

Telluride, CO 2013 a nice spot of green on a shopping street.

Tabletop Flowers 512

Bleached color, single light

Table Top 512

Table Top photos are good not only for showing details and “local” shapes of objects, but their convenience for photographers. When the weather is not good or especially after nightfall, you can take still take photos like this on your table top.…

Early Breakfast

On a back road in Colorado, just as the sun rose.

Sunset Color 9:27 Getting Better

Sunset over the San Juan Mountains in Colorado Jun 20, 2016. Very nice but compare it to the photo taken TWO MINUTES later!

Sunset Over The San Juans, CO 9:29

Two minutes before and two minutes later, the color was almost gone, as the setting sun shown under the clouds from our right onto rain sheets over the San Juan Range. That's Mt Sneffels in the middle. Timing is everything. A stunning scene I was lu…

Another View of Gnarly Tree

Same tree, years later (2016)


Bangkok, Thailand

Green Arches

A Park in Tokyo, Japan, early in the morning.

Typhoon in Manila 1

I foolishly went out in 100+ MPH winds to document this storm. Sheet metal roofs and debris were sailing by... Sometimes, we'll do anything for a photo!

Typhoon in Manila 2

I captured this hurricane on film. A dangerous documentary!

Elephant in Taita Hills, Kenya

In the 1970s when this film shot was taken, things were a lot more primitive than today!

Children on Steps 1

Rabat, Morocco. Kids everywhere are cute!

Rural Supermarket

On the Road from Fez to Meknes, Morocco

Tannery Chouwara, Fez, Morocco

In the Medina, a most striking place. But wear a clothes-pin on your nose! Taken with Ektachrome film 40 years ago! [Stored in the dark that whole time].

Citadelle Laferriere

Located at Cap Hatien, northern coast of Haiti

View from the Citadelle

Cap Hatien, Haiti. One had to ride up a treacherous trail on a donkey's back to get here... as the rains approached.

Abstract Treeline Silhouette

Layering of Tree Silhouette onto textured background.

Agate in a Sunbeam

I chanced upon a sunbeam in the kitchen window, Don't walk right by. Ask"What would shine in that light?"

Alone, Salzburg

I wonder: IS she alone in life? I hope that she is walking to meet ... a daughter, perhaps? The second after I snapped this shot (on film), people appeared from both sides of the far alley, spoiling the theme.

Backlit Glass

NYC Hotel lobby, 2013

Barn Door Latch

Small door in our barn. Whoops: forgot to convert to Black & White.

Barn Shadows

Film: Shapes, patterns, textures, materials, functions, .... at that time of day...

Beautiful Shortcut

Girls taking shortcut through Flowers, Rabat Morocco. Do they take them for granted? I hope not.

Berries in Rain

Captured on film many years ago

Bird in Hand

Film, in London1984

Black Forest Frost

Say that five times fast!

Hanging Boulder

At The Zoo, Syracuse, NY: hard rocks, soft water.

Briggs Trail

Our farm is just to the right of this driveway. So we see the seasons' constant changes. How lucky!

Butterfly and reflection

She came to visit, stayed and let us admire her designs. Then she flew off in that jaggedly way that drives birds crazy.

Carol, drawn in 1957

Yes, in 2016, that's 59 years ago!

Cherry Blossoms

As we noted in one of this site's essays, I believe you need to do some art by hand (even if you "fail") because in art you must notice all the the characteristics of what you are looking at - shape, color, shading, texture and so on.

Cat on a Stair, Chiang Mai, Thailand

In northern Thailand; I rode a wood-burning train to get there. Look at those textures: stucco, fur, wood, metal, etc etc. AND the cat, cleaning her fir on the stair landing.

House in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In northern Thailand; I rode a wood-burning train to get there. Look at those textures: stucco, fur, wood, metal, etc etc.

Two Pretty Ones

Can you believe the detail, the formations and folds of the petals?

Cloud Panorama

Sometimes you cannot fit it all into a single frame.

Lighting at 2 O'Clock

"Lighting at 2 O'Clock." No, not the time 2 o'clock, but the direction 2 o'clock (with 12 meaning light coming from straight ahead). So the foliage is slighlty back-lit. Beautiful, yet few people seem to notice.

Standing wave, moving water

Unlike ocean waves, creek and river waves stand still in form while the water flows through them.


Film # 107-22; Scanned film at low resolution by mistake. Will re-do.

Dock Scene, 1984

Sketch made in London, but subject was in a book, I think

Falls near Highland, NC.

People can walk behind the falls here; if you look closely you can see them.

Cool Reflection

Photo by Guest Artist Nicole S.

People You Can Look Up To!

Photo by Guest Artist Nicole S.

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

Photo by Guest Artist Nicole S. She enthusiastically captures many subjects from many viewpoints.


Photo by Guest Artist Nicole S.


Photo by Guest Artist Nicole S.

Austin, TX, Skyline

Photo by Guest Artist Nicole S.

A Bit Wierd, But Definitely Different

Photo by Guest Artist Nicole S. I don't know how she did this effect.


What IS this? What ARE these? I figure they are candles, but viewed from above! Photo by Guest Artist Nicole S. She captures many subjects from many viewpoints.

3D Mobiles

Now THAT'S unusual!! Taken by Guest Artist Nicole S.


Photo by Guest Artist Nicole S. She enthusiastically captures many subjects from many viewpoints.


Where DO these stairs go?Photo by Guest Artist Nicole S.


by Guest artist Nicole S.

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