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See deeply in order to better photograph; photograph in order to see more deeply. -JNV dates are upload dates

Black Forest Frost

Say that three times fast! On this day, (Nov 7, 2016). the Black Forest was white! Taken near Colmar, Germany.

Small Door to barn

Latch on small door to our barn; love the weathering.

Tree Silhouette

Carol and I were walking on Kingston Rd near our farm when we saw this scene. Always carry a camera!

Alcove in Courtyard

Regensberg, Germany, 2006


In Yosemite NP, May 2011

Arches "#2"

Fine art Photo, Doge's Palace, Venice, Italy 2016

Detail of Arches #1

Detail of fine art Photo, Doge's Palace, Venice, Italy 2016


Fine art Photo, Doge's Palace, Venice, Italy 2016; "Fine Art Photo" means great care taken in capturing and processing the image for fine detail....

Cityscape Pano

Panoramic view of Austin, Texas [taken from a roof top], 2016

Aspens 1 cropped

While hiking, Southwestern Colorado

Aspens 1

While hiking, Southwestern Colorado

Schattenberg Castle

Austria; What's around the corner?


Campfire, great friends, warmth, light... and... marshmallows!

Haitian Woman

I waited until she passed me; how would you like to carry THAT all day? On THAT bumpy path!?

Mysterious Spires

Koblenz, Germany. Admission: I added the light in the window afterwards in Photoshop. Shhhh.

A canal "street" in Venice

Early sunlight beginning to touch this canal. I have software, The Photographer's Ephemeris, that shows on a satellite map the direction of the sun and length of shadows for any place and time on earth (including future dates). It cost about $12 in…

Woman trying to take a Selfie While feeding Pigeons

Not her best Idea,... we hope. Is that a Martian to her right?

The Campanile in St Mark's Square, Venice

View of the Campanile (Tower) from St Mark's Square [Pigeon Capital of the World]

St Mark's Bascilica

View from the courtyard of the Doge's Palace

Along the Grand Canal

In Venice, serves as "Main Street".

More Gondolas

This shot taken from in front of my Venitian hotel.

Under a bridge on a water taxi.

Taken from the back of a water taxi going from Venice airport to near my hotel.

Water Taxi in Venice

From the airport to the pier closest to my hotel. More fun than a subway (which Venice does not have).

St Mark's, Venice, at dawn in the rain

I left my hotel almost an hour before sunrise, expecting to see no one. Instead, there were photographers and their tripods scattered all around.

Abstract....what? What IS it?

Gondola Bows!! Mostly, we see the whole object. But there are many component patterns!

Wet Doorway

On a Canal in Venice. I see two eyes and a nose; do you?

Doorway in Doge's Palace, Venice

Water access to our right, down a couple of steps to the canal.

Keeping Watch

Figure, as seen through arch in Doge's Palace, Venice

Detail, 3D Patterns of Shapes

Incredible what you see if you look. [Sounds like a Yogi Berra quote]. Fine and subtle detail within massive architecture.

3D Patterns of Shapes

Courtyard Columns, Doges Palace, Venice

Exterior Doorway, Venice

Outer Doorway, Doge's Palace, Venice

House on Isle of Wite

Just off the southern coast of England

Town & Country

Central Park, a beautiful Oasis

Lady in the Spotlight

Metropolitan Museum, NYC; notice the shadow next to her... no one else did.

Loneliness Together

If they had met one another on a lonely trek across desert or mountain, they'd be hugging!

Varied Terrain in Colorado

We've only got to cross those mountains

Evening Cloud Over Budapest

Tons of water, suspended in droplets, showing off for us!

Calm Day in Maine

Both our ship and theirs had trouble making way...

Gnarly Tree 3

Same tree, years later (2016)

Early Breakfast

On a back road in Colorado, just as the sun rose.

Agate in a Sunbeam

I chanced upon a sunbeam in the kitchen window, Don't walk right by. Ask"What would shine in that light?"

One of the Planets?

No, a 1" rubber ball. I chanced upon a sunbeam in the kitchen window, "Don't walk right by," I said "What would shine in that light?"

Cherry Blossoms

As we noted in one of this site's essays, I believe you need to do some art by hand (even if you "fail") because in art you must notice all the the characteristics of what you are looking at - shape, color, shading, texture and so on.

St Erasmus

The original by Turner, 1796, was pencil and watercolor. I did this copy in miniature and in charcoal to practice small stuff: Actual width is 2.5" wide. (I'd say that was miniature, wouldn't you?)

Carol, drawn in 1957

Yes, in 2016, that's 59 years ago!

Sketch of My Daughter Laurie

Forty-five years ago - with a 2 pencil...

Dock Scene, 1984

Sketch made in London, but subject was in a book, I think


I painted this for my daughter, using no "model." often it is more fun not to copy a scene but to just make one.

Candle Behind Wine Glass

Something to do at a restaurant while waiting for dinner: take iPad photos!

Through a Glass, Darkly

Like several others: Something to do at a restaurant while waiting for dinner: take iPad photos!

Rorschach Puzzle

What is it? It's a face... no, those whiskers look like trees...what it I turn it counter clockwise 90 degrees...?

Johnson Lake, Canada

How's THAT for depth of field?

Yosemite Tunnel View

My first visit to Yosemite, 2011. What a thrill!

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